Imago 2016 Conference Program-001

4th Annual Conference

Boundaries and Multi-Culturalism
in Medieval and Early Modern Art

The conference inquiries into the concept of boundary-organized medieval knowledge, culture, aesthetics and arts; the ways multi-culturalism and transmission of knowledge have developed within territorial boundaries; and how multi-culturalism has crossed boundaries. Although an important

body of research was conducted on related topics during the last decade (such as the other and otherness in medieval art, heresy, cartography, ect.), the conceptualization and phenomenology of the boundary/territory, the geography of medieval art, liminality, framing / de-framing, boundaries

of spectatorship or visuality, between objects and viewers and the like still remain in question.  What was the nature of local and global boundaries in shaping the visual culture of groups  and individuals in medieval times; the ways multi-culturalism developed within given borders; what is the nature

of cultural transmissions within given borders and vice versa.


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